With Christmas around the corner, I've rounded up a few of my favorites! I will definitely be adding these under the tree. Happy shopping!! 

I've rounded up my short Christmas list (Ha!). In no order, kinda...a stylish camera case. I recently purchased a new lens for my camera and unfortunately, my previous camera case no longer fits. And why have a bulky, hideous camera case? Number two- new shooooooes! Because I'm always onto the next pair. But seriously, I've been searching for cute, reasonably priced, OTK beige boots. I'm pretty sure Steve Madden was reading my mind when he released this new pair. Number three- sunnies. Basically the same reason as new shoes. I have an obsession. I've added a couple of the most desired styles. No further explanation required. Number four- I realize I said no order, but this is probably my very most wanted item on the list...every finger is crossed. Seriously. THE CIRCLE BAG. It's the "IT" bag of the season. Every trendsetting girl is trying to get their hands on one. It comes in several different colors and two different price points. Personally, I'm loving the Rosa, Brandy, and Black. The Rosa is my favorite, but slightly more expensive. Hmmmm what will be under the tree?? I would love to hear what's on your Christmas list!!